You’re only as good as the sum of your parts

Well worth a read, hits the key issues squarely on the Head. My motivation to become and inspector was to ensure at least the schools I visited were treated fairly, sadly I’m reconsidering due to a range of issues…frankly, I’m not sure it’s worth the time away from work, family and stress, especially when a ridiculous complaint comes in, which requires several hours of reasoned response, when I have a stack of marking, some action plans to review, data to scrutinise and that’s without any family needs being considered. I think inspections will improve and he will finish the job that Mike Cladingbowl started, with genuine engagement and discussion. I certainly hope so.

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It’s always refreshing to know that you are not alone. I had that experience last Monday whilst I was in a meeting with Sean Harford, the National Director of Ofsted, who had kindly invited me, along with a range of other educators, to a meeting regarding the future of Ofsted. It is always genuinely nice to be invited to such events because not only does it make you feel like you are a voice that could be worth listening to, but, far more importantly, you feel like those with the ultimate power are keen to listen. 

I am totally convinced that, in Sean, we have a rational, determined and dedicated educationalist at the helm of Ofsted. His vision for Ofsted’s future is sensible and picks up the slack in terms of ‘good’ schools being left alone for too long. He was open and honest, especially in terms of his expectations of inspectors…

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