Some days I’m really not passionate about what we do…frustration, tiredness, pushed beyond caring by other agencies and their incompetences, it well, makes me wonder…as does Tom’s blog. As it was meant to! Right?

Stack of Marking

Here’s another from It’s a great mag that’s full of that good teaching juju. You can get yourself some of the aforementioned juju by subscribing if you follow the link. Ta muchly.


Education is dripping with passion. The word is used so much you’d think that every teacher in the land was mainlining Mills and Boon and walking around falling into each other’s arms during first break (they’re not by the way, just in case you’re thinking that you’re missing out. Well, at least they’re not with me.)

We’re passionate about education, passionate about the kids, passionate about our subject, passionate for the future, passionate about being the best we can be, passionate about lunch, passionate about whiteboards, passionate about passion. Passion absolutely all over the shop.

CVs, Linkedin profiles, mottos and (let me get out an involuntary shudder here) mission statements veritably heave with the stuff. It’s a…

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