The War on Mediocracy

This is, quite frankly, fabulous and a mirror on our daily existence as educators, be it secondary, primary, EYFS….the level of care extraordinary…as in put of the ordinary…except it isn’t in terms of it being the norm for a great many teachers…and THAT I’s EXTRAORDINARY.


It’s late and I can’t sleep. Need to get this out so I can clear my mind.

Its election season and I knew I shouldn’t have read the news on the way to work this morning.  It is full of stupid political announcements designed purely for winning votes rather than improving education. I was in a positive mood and looking forward to the week ahead. By the end of my train journey my mood soured. It had been tested over the weekend by utter drivel from people responsible for our Education System, but Mr Cameron, the leader of our country, sent me over the edge. So he is going to wage an ‘all out war on mediocracy‘? I know he probably didn’t mean it, but in one misjudged comment about standards he has managed to upset me, and I guess a lot of my colleagues in the teaching profession. Does he…

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