Confession time..


Along with all the hopes and aspirations, this new year appears to also be a time for confession. First we read @PrimaryHead1’s shocking admission that he only became a teacher because he walked through the wrong door. Then two days ago @theprimaryhead revealed how he almost broke education in his NQT year. Inspired by their honesty and candour, and in the spirit of baring all I too want to get something off my chest. I mean, we’re all friends here right?

I quite like OFSTED.

Wait, come back. It’s not like I love them or anything. It’s just that I hear lots of people’s survivors stories and they simply don’t chime with my own experience. Pretty much each one has shaped me as a leader in a positive way, and the impact on the schools I’ve been in, after everything’s shaken down again has been a good one. I may…

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